Place Value 


Base Blocks - A tool to use base ten blocks.  Also can give problems to represent. 

Birmingham Grid for Numbers - Choose the value of the given number.  (Birmingham Grid for Learning)

Mystery Numbers - Read the clues to put the numbers into their correct place value position.  (StarrMatica)

Numbers and Place Value - Explanation of place value with excellent visuals. (KidsOLR)

Number System - Place the numbers into their correct place value location.

Place Value Calculator - The activity gives you a target number and then you have to choose a number in the thousands place, hundreds place, tens place, and ones place and then see if it calculates to the correct number.

Place Value Charts Interactive - Practice place value with these fun interactive charts by choosing the correct numbers to make the number at the top. 

Scooter Quest Junior - Find the place value that is asked for to help Jimmy deliver his newspapers.  Level 1 is the ones and tens place.  Level two adds in the hundreds place.  Level three adds in the thousands place.  (Sheppard Software)