Online Books


American Folklore - Stories, lesson plans, and a huge resouces list on folklore.  Topics include: Spooky Series, Tall Tales, Myths and Legends, Ghost Stories, U.S. Folklore, Heroes and Villians, Campfire Stories, Native Americans, Children's Stories, Canadian Folklore, Mexican Folklore, Weatherlore, Lesson Plans, Railroad Stories, ESL, Tongue Twisters, Animal Stories, and Latin America.

Audio Stories - A collection of nonfiction pieces about animals that are read aloud.

Children's Storybooks Online - Books for all ages.  There are picture books, audio books, as well as stories. 

International Children's Digital Library - Projectable books can be a lifesaver for a primary teacher looking for big books to use in shared reading.  The International Children's Digital Library is a storehouse of scanned public-domain books that are presented in a format excellent for computer projectors. Books are searchable by language, genre, age-group, length, even the color of the cover.  There is also a free iPad app available from ICDL, allowing you to read the books at home with your own children in comfort.

Robert Munsch - These books are incredible!  Robert Munsch reads his own stories and is highly engaging.  These stories are great for all age levels and are now easily accessible online!

Read Print - Full texts of books from L. Frank Baum, Shakespeare, and 250 other authors!  Thousands of books and poems to choose.

Virtual Storybooks - Stories about kids who live in the rain forest. (Rainforest Alliance)


Videos of Books

Folktales and Fables - The PBS show Between the Lions offers videos of book being read.  Excellent interpretations. 

Speekaboos - Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Folk Tales, and Favorite stories read by actors. Also has story guides, arts and crafts, worksheets, and educational games.

Storytime Online - Videos of books being read by actors.  These aren't dramatizations, just the actor reading the book to the video.  Examples include "Harry the Dirty Dog" read by Betty White and "To Be a Drum" read by James Earl Jones.