Natural Disasters


Mapping Disaster Risks - A New York Times infographic that shows the chance of death from cyclomes, floods, earthquakes, and landslides around the world.



Hurricanes from NOAA - Hurricane information for teachers including multimedia resources, lesson and activities, real world data, background information, and career profiles.  This site is geared towards middle and high school but many of the visuals would work well in elementary school. (NOAA Education Resources)

Hurricanes: Natures Fury - Short explanation of hurricanes, visuals, and facts from National Geographic.  (Eye in the Sky from National Geographic)

List of Retired Hurricane Names - These hurricanes were so damaging that their names won't be used for future hurricanes. 

Tropical Cyclone Records - Lot's of questions answered such as fastest cyclone, most dangerous, and other great questions.  (Atlantic Ocenographic and Meteorological Laboratory)

Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Names - The names of hurricanes from NOAA for the years 2010 - 2015.  Includes pronunciation guide.