Activities and Games

Beekman's Ice Cream Shop - Help Max and Ruthie see if they have enough money to get a slushie by reading and/or listening to the story and then figuring out the problem.  (Max's Math Adventure)

Change Maker - Figure out the correct change.  You can choose the difficulty level from Easy, Medium, Hard, and Super Brain.  Money can be from the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, or Austrailia.  (Fun Brain)

Discovering Coin Values - Choose the coins to make the given value.  Interactive whiteboard friendly. 

Making Change - Help Harvey make change at the Perfect Pets Shop.

Math at the Mall - Practice math while shopping at a mall.

The Mega Penny Project - This site goes from showing what one penny looks like to one quintillion pennies with either a person or building next to the picture to show scale. 

United States Mint Timeline - Timeline goes from 1790 to today.  See future, active, and closed mint facilities and presidential coins. (H.I.P. Pocket Change)


Teacher Resources

US Mint for Educators - This site has lesson plans, facts, games, financial literacy, and other topics about money.