Estimation and Rounding


Activities and Games

A Sweet Story - In this Max's Math Adventure help Max and Ruthie figure out how many lollipops would fit in the jar after reading the story.  (Max's Math Adventure)

Bingo Rounding - Practice rounding numbers from 1 to 1000 by choosing the correct answer. 

Estimate - Estimate the number on a number line.  Beginning level is estimating a number 1 - 10 and then goes up through 8 levels including decimals.  (Oswego Interactive Games)

Glowlas Estimation Contraption - Help Glowla estimate numbers.  You have 60 seconds to answer as many questions as you can to move onto the next level.

Rounding Dartboard - Choose to answer rounding questions on a dartboard from 1 to 1000.  Interactive whiteboard friendly. 

Rounding Flashcards - Practice rounding numbers from 100 - 1 million.  (AplusMath)


PowerPoints and Online Presentations

Rounding to the Nearest 100 - Online PowerPoint type file that uses a number line to identify which hundred to round to.  This site has mini games in the middle of the presentation for further practice.  (Mr. Anker Tests)

Rounding Math Flash (PPT) - Discusses how to round and offers rounding practice.  26 slides.  (Pete's PowerPoint Station)