Games and Activities

ABC Order - Choose the next letter of the alphabet. (Learning Planet)

ABCD Watermelon - Listen and see the alphabet.  Instead of a letter there will be a picture and you need to figure out which letter comes next.  (Between the Lions)

Alphabet Bears - Place the bears in alphabetical order.  (Game Goo)

Alphabet Goop - Sort the object into the category that has its first letter. (TVO Games)

Animal Who? - Type a letter on the keyboard and an animal with that letter appears with a picture and its name.  (TVO Games)

Bembo's Zoo - Learn the alphabet by clicking on a letter, then an animal using that letter comes on the screen which morphs into a picture of the animal using the letters.  Beautiful graphics. 

Paw Park: Kangaroo Confusion - Find the kangaroo with the upper case letter on its shirt that matches the kangaroo with the lower case letter. (Game Goo)

Starfall ABC's - See and hear the letters and sounds of the alphabet.  (Starfall)


Online Presentations and PowerPoints

ABC Search (PPT) - There are pictures that when clicked on you can see the beginning letter.  (Jefferson County Schools)

Alphabetizing Set 1 and Set 2 (Online) - Put the words in alphabetical order by first letter.   (Mr. Anker Tests)

Alphabetizing Set 3 (Online) - Put the words in alphabetical order by 2nd letter. (Mr. Anker Tests)

Alphabetizing Set 4 (Online)- Put the words in alphabetical order using 2nd and 3rd letter.  (Mr. Anker Tests)

Alphabetizing Set 5 (Online) - Alphabetizing by any letter in the word. (Mr. Anker Tests)



ABC Song - A lively version of the ABC song.  Has a section at the end sounding out all the letters. 



Twisty Noodle - Printable letter worksheets that are customizable.  Site also has coloring sheets. 


Iphone and IPad Apps

Starfall ABC's 

Additional Resources

Alphabet and Ordering - PowerPoints, games, and teacher resources. (Pete's PowerPoint Station)

Internet4Classrooms Alphabet Resources - Huge list of alphabet links. 


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