Addition and Subtraction

Activities and Games

Addition Scale - This simple games goal is to balance the numbers on one side of the scale with the numbers on the opposite side to make it balance.  The game gets progressively harder and is excellent practice for addition. (Toy Theater)

Ambleweb Addition Machine - Interactive adding practice with three levels from basic facts to two digit plus two digit.  Would work great on an interactive white board. (Ambleweb Numeracy Hour)

Big Wig Sub Shop - Make your wig grow by finding the two numbers that add up to the total.  (TVO Kids)

Magnetic Numbers - Numbers that can be moved around to make addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems. 

Math Magician for Addition - Answer up to 20 math facts in one minute. Can you beat your friends?

Monster Crossing - Solve the word problem then quickly get the monster to the answer in this arcade game like Frogger.  (Learning Planet)

Math Magician for Subtraction - How fast can you answer 20 subtraction facts problems in one minute?

Number Invaders for Addition and Subtraction - Fast paced game based on the 80's video game classic Space Invaders.

Planets Taken - Count the aliens that are on the screen.  Then a spaceship comes and takes some aliens away and the child needs to figure out how many aliens were taken.  Works well at introducing simple algebra at an early age.

Speed Grid Challenge Subtraction 2 - Choose single and double digit numbers off of the grid to complete the subtraction problem.  Also available for Level 1.

War Pretzels - Two pretzels arm wrestle for additon and subtraction facts mastery!  (Mr. Nussbaum)

PowerPoints and Online Presentations

Addition and Subtraction Facts - Downloadable PowerPoints for each of the math facts 0-8.  You can choose whether or not you want the answers.

Addition at - Addition PowerPoints, kids games, and teacher resources.



Basic Math Facts Worksheets - Printable worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and mixed facts.  (Worksheet Works)


Higher Level Games

Power Lines Phase One - Strategy game rearranging numbers in a row so they add up to a specific number.  Both challenging and engaging.  Comes in three levels; Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three.  You must be able to pass the previous phase to move on.  Can you finish the power lines without being shocked?

Speed Math Addition and Subtraction - The computer gives you four digits and answer.  Your job is to figure out where to put the + and - signs to make the problem true. 


Additional Resources

Topmarks Addition and Subtraction Games - List of activities that especially work well with an interactive whiteboard.